The Manto Group values are aligned to the vision of the business, the requirements of our customers, the beliefs of our team and the developmental needs of our continent. Our organisational culture is based on our values and in a focused way, drive the behaviour and actions of our team. The table below outlines our values and their meaning and purpose in our business: 

Value Meaning  Business Action 
People First Our people mean everything to the business. Their safety, development and well-being are of paramount importance. 

Continuously develop the competence of our people. 

Implement employee wellness and team building.  

Apply world class safety standards. 

Accountability As a business and team we are accountable to our customers for quality and accountable to each other to give the best we have to give. This means fulfilling all roles and responsibilities and meet all our performance targets and standards.  

Meet customer expectations and requirements. 

Manage our team in terms of work focus and performance. 

Continuously build a culture of accountability and performance. 

Professionalism  We demonstrate all the professional competencies associated with Management Consultants and trainers. This is apparent in the level of satisfaction of our customers and in the quality of work we have produced as assessed by our peers and colleagues. 

The business implements a competency framework against which peoples professionalism can be measured. 

The PMS of the business measures performance against professionalism. 

The are customer satisfaction measurement mechanisms in place. 

Right Fist Time (Quality)  Everything we do or produce meets all customer and industry standards. There is a simultaneous focus on quality and efficiency. 

Implement a QMS. 

Implement continuous improvement programs. 

Implement cost and efficiency management. 


It represents the philosophy of how we execute our work with our customers. 

It also covers the significance we place on working with partners to execute our business approach and strategy. 

Implement partnering approaches with customers. 

Implement a partner management strategy and approach. 

Conclude formal partnership agreements.