The Manto Group was born out of the establishment of Manto Management, twenty years ago. The founding partners, Gary Moonsammy and Juliann Moodley were working as consultants for Simeka Management when the company underwent a restructuring. This created the opportunity to establish a business of their own and following a series of discussions, they decided to launch Manto Management. The name Manto Management was retained from the shelf company that was bought to establish the business. Operating from a home office, Manto Management won its first contract with the Kellogg Foundation. This set off a rapid period of growth and Manto Management rapidly grew from two people into ten people. 

Our brand of work in the early years was clearly associated with transformation and empowerment. Our Kellogg foundation work enabled us to build relationships with a range of donor organisations such as USAID, DFID, GTZ (now called GIZ). Under the leadership of Juliann, Manto Management secured a range of Monitoring and Evaluation contracts and Manto soon became known as a specialist M&E firm. 

Gary focused on growing the other consulting disciplines in the business, particularly, Organisational Development, Business Process Management and Change Management. Gary had previously worked as a senior consultant on the design of the administrative structure of the National Council of Provinces. At this time, Bulelani Ngcuka, was deputy chairperson of the NPA. When Mr Ngcuka was appointed as the first head of the South Africa’s new National Prosecutions Authority, he invited Gary to be a team lead in the project to establish the NPA of South Africa. The project which began in 1999 ran for a period of 4 years during which the NPA and its related structures, the Directorate of Special Operations (DSO); The Asset Forfeiture Unit, The Sexual Offences and Community Affair Unit and the Special Investigation Unit were designed from scratch. 

These early years helped establish the reputation of Manto Management as one of few black owned consulting firms that was doing significant work for the public sector. This enabled Manto to establish working relationships with Delloitte and Price Waterhouse Coopers. The relationship with PWC has continued over an 18 year period.  

Since its inception, Manto has grown organically, with the majority of its senior consultants starting in the firm as interns. The current CEO and Senior Manager: Consulting and Advisory Services started out with Manto as interns and junior consultants. The Manto Group now consists of three businesses; Manto Management, Manto Group Training Company, Manto IT Governance, Risk, Compliance and Security. Manto has also invested in a range of technology focused businesses such as V- Switch, a point of sale platform and solution focused business. 

In 2005, Manto applied for and was successfully included in the ground-breaking Standard Bank TUTUWA broad based black economic empowerment share scheme and deal. The TUTUWA deal has been pivotal in growing and developing Manto’s focus on the banking sector. 

In 2009, Manto was approach by EOH with an interest to purchase the business. Following serious discussions, it was mutually agreed that an enterprise business partnership between the two companies was a better option in terms of building a strategic partnership between the businesses. This partnership is still thriving today, with Manto working closely with EOH on a range of large contracts. 

Now in its second decade of operation the Manto Group and Team have entered a new era of leadership and growth that will see the company grow into new industries in South Africa and across the continent.