Training Companies

The Training Facilitators will be able to measure the success of the training held. RARA gives the Training Facilitator an idea as to where they both are in terms of teaching and learning for a specific topic.

Training companies can use the tool as an add on service they’ll be providing their learners or customers. They will then make additional income.

PCO / Conference Centre’s

Can use this system as an add on service which can be used to differentiate their service from other Conference Centre’s. Measurement tool and Client Satisfaction.

PCO-information gathered can be used to market your service in a manner that is supported by the evidence. PCO-rent the system to conferences and make profit on the rental.

Universities & Colleges

Can use this system to conduct assessments quicker, more accurately and to a mass audience at one time.

Monitors the development and progress of students accurately.


Use this tool as part of their monitoring and evaluation methodology to keep track of service delivery activities that take place.

Municipalities can use this to vote- Voting is then accurate, results are received immediately and decisions can be taken sooner.